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Mississippi Forestry Association (MFA) and Davis-Garvin Insurance Agency have joined together to provide affordable Reforestation Insurance.


This policy protects an insured against the unexpected loss of cash reserves by providing owners with cash flow payments to get back in the business of growing timber after a catastrophic fire or wind loss. 

This policy applies to:

  • Consulting foresters managing clients property
  • Family forest owners
  • Financial institutions
  • Investors
  • Mitigation bankers
  • Publicly traded companies
  • Trusts

Premerchantable timber stands are the desired age class for this coverage since those stands offer no salvage value should they be damaged by fire or wind. 

General Description

This insurance is not intended to insure the value of the trees, but the cost of replanting following a catastrophic fire or wind disaster. 

Woodland owners accept the time to grow timber to maturity.  A possible delay in recovering returns because of a fire or wind disaster is tolerated.  However, encountering out of pocket expenses to replant a premerchantible stand can be unbearable. 

Woodland owners will be able to renew this coverage annually.  The coverage can be carried for as many years as the owner wishes to insure premerchantable stands.

Rating Structure

This coverage is priced on an individual application basis.  Premium charged is dependent on past losses, location, total acres, and level of coverage.  Coverage can be tailored to meet the insured’s specific interest or need.  In general terms, the coverage is priced as follows:

Insured Amount ($/acre) Premium Rate ($/acre) Special Conditions
$125.00 $1.20 $250 Minimum Premium
$250.00 $1.50 $250 Minimum Premium

Premium rates are subject to underwriting approval and can vary depending on individual insured’s specifications.

Trigger to pay a claim after a qualified fire or wind loss is less than 40% survival.  For example, the insured stand has 500 trees per acre.  Less than 200 live trees per acre after a loss would trigger payment. 


1 to 2,500 acres - 5% of the loss with a $500 minimum deductible
2,501 to 15,000 acres - 5% of the loss with a $1,000 minimum deductible 

Important Notice

Questions concerning Mississippi Forestry Association membership should be directed to MFA at 
(601) 354-4936.

Questions concerning insurance coverage should be directed to Davis-Garvin Insurance Agency Hunt Club & Timberland Department at (800) 845-3163.

This program is only available to current MFA members in good standing. Insured landowner must provide MFA member number.  

To join the Mississippi Forestry Association, click here.

Complete the Reforestation application to get your quote or contact the Davis-Garvin Insurance Agency to find out how you can protect your premerchantable timber asset with our Reforestation Insurance Program.