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Mississippi Forestry Association (MFA) and Davis-Garvin Insurance Agency have joined together to provide affordable Standing Timber Insurance.   

The risks to standing timber are real. Growing timber is a huge investment which includes time, money, labor, and maintenance.  Davis-Garvin Insurance Agency has an affordable standing timber insurance program that can remove the worry and help protect your investment by transferring some of the risks normally associated with timberland ownership.  

What is Covered


Wind and Flood MUST be excluded on all risks located in the State of Florida and on all risk within 75 miles of the coast.

Timber Valuation

Merchantable Trees - The basis of the loss valuation will be the market value of the salable trees at the time of the loss, less any salvage amounts. 

Non-Merchantable Trees - Value will be based upon the costs of site preparation, planting and maintenance, plus 7% per annum compounded annually.

The landowner must provide a formal timber inventory that will be used to determine the value of the timber premium calculation.  

Rating Structure

Premium is based on the estimated value of the timber at the policy inception.


5% of the loss with a $500 minimum deductible
Exception:  Wind & Flood deductibles are based on proximity to the coast

Important Notice

Questions concerning Mississippi Forestry Association membership should be directed to MFA at 
(601) 354-4936.

Questions concerning insurance coverage should be directed to Davis-Garvin Insurance Agency. Contact the Hunt Club & Timberland Department at (800) 845-3163.

This program is only available to current MFA members in good standing.  Landowner must provide MFA member number.  

To join the Mississippi Forestry Association, click here.

Complete the Standing Timber application to get your quote or contact the Davis-Garvin Insurance Agency to find out how you can protect your timber asset with our Standing Timber Insurance Program.