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Specialty Insurance Programs
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Business or Pleasure ~ Career or Hobby; maintaining sufficient insurance to protect your property and your personal interest is a necessity. The insurance coverage you choose will be the difference between security against unforeseen losses (including lawsuit defense and judgments) and the responsibility you may have for such losses out of your own pocket.  For most hunt clubs and timberland owners, an unplanned loss can be catastrophic.  Finding peace of mind through affordable insurance is well worth the investment.

The Davis-Garvin Agency has been a Leader and Innovator in the Forest Products Industry for more than 30 years.  As an insurance specialist in this industry,  we have developed many popular programs such as; Hunt Club LiabilityTimberland Liability, Standing Timber, Reforestation, Professional Foresters Liability, and Guides and Outfitters.  Fulfilling the needs of our clients with appropriate coverages and services is job number one.  If you have a unique operation and a need for coverage give us a call.  We can discuss your options and help you secure the proper coverage for your investment. 


For more specific information on the coverages above, including online fillable applications, please click on the photo box above of the program you are interested.